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Susan Polgar
Gary Kasparov



Susan Polgar DVDs

Learning from a grandmaster ensures you'll be taught the most important knowledge in chess.

Having it all on DVD means you can go directly to the topics you want and review them as often as you like.

Seeing it on your TV or computer screen means you'll remember much more than you would from just reading a book.

An extremely low price means you'll get more value from these DVDs than from any collection of chess videos.

GM Susan Polgar has been the Women's World Champion 4 times and is a 5-time Olympic Champion. She can instruct you.

The bottom line is that you get these five instructional chess DVDs by Grandmaster Susan Polgar for the incredibly low price of $97 plus $7 shipping in the US.

These DVDs are for "advanced beginners."  You should already know how to play chess before tackling these lessons that are ideal for players rated 1100 to 1900 ELO.

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